• 3rd - Knotlow: First trip of the new year. We originally intending to have a mega wet trip own P8 but thought better of it when we realised just how mega wet it actually was, so decided on a quick trip down Knotlow. You could hear Waterfall Chamber without even lifting the lid on the engine shaft so we headed on down the climbing shaft expecting it to be wet, but probably not quite as wet as it turned out to be. There was a stream casacding down from the 2nd pitch through the workings and we arrived at the head of the waterfall pitch to find the entire floor hidden beneath a deep black lake. We decided to have look anyway, and I bobbed down to discover the coffin level heading to Fourways completely submerged, the passage heading off back under the engine shaft submerged and the whole place generally rather moist. Pointlessly down-prussiced into the water up to my waist before deciding it was pretty silly, the pool must’ve been at least 2m deep. Sam and Rob then descended to take a look for themselves. Pretty impressive (and noisy) down there when it’s wet! (Rob, Sam, Mike)

  • 5th - Horseshoe: Got together for a bit or SRT practice as it’d been quite a while since George & Co had last done any rope dangly stuff. Flood lit, with realistic cave streamlet cascading over the top tier. Definitely a worthwhile thing to do. (McBain, Rob, George, Jon, Geoff, Mike)

  • 10th - P8: A quick, wet Sunday evening trip down to the bottom and back out (Mike, Rob, Sam)

  • 11th - Horseshoe: Another successful refresher session for those that could make it. (Rob, Jon, Ed, Mike, Geoff, George)

  • 17th - Peak Cavern: White River Series via Block Hall and short way down The Moosetrap. (Mike, Rob, Sam, Ed, McBain, Syd)

  • 28th - Sidetrack: Met up with Sampo at the track to Eldon Quarry on a very cold, windy Thursday evening and chucked a ladder over the top tier. Soon found the entrance to Sidetrack and set to crawling... and crawling... and crawling until finally reaching the Litton Stroll. Went in both directions, past some very fine formations but declined the Flat Out Walk as we were only on a sightseeing tour and didn't fancy getting piss went. Turned around and headed out, the crawl seeming a bit shorter on the way back. Good to see somewhere new, and a fun evening trip. (Rob, Ed, Mike)

  • 31st - Streaks Pot: Digging

    All photos: Rob P