17th July:

The weather forecast a good day and for once delivered a perfect day for a walk on the Kinder area.

The classic Jagger’s Clough was used for the accent to the Kinder Downfall for a very brief butty stop.

It was clear that the party were advanced walkers well suited in ability, if not age, at 81 John Eastwood showed all the characteristics of an extremely fit 40 years old. Phil Crowson was back in training and looking ‘buff’* and Lionel was, well Lionel, I man who has the ability to walk all day long and look better than when he set off 8 hours earlier! Maybe it’s because he’s the President and has special powers, who knows, but it’s a great thing to see.

After some considered thought, a decision was made to execute Phil’s exuberant plan to follow a ‘good line’ to the Snake Inn via the Mushroom on Fairbrook Naze. Given past experience’s, this was considered very carefully...then we went for it.

A group photo on the Mushroom was called for, easily climbed by such an experienced bunch, getting down was another matter. The meet leader jumped, followed by Lionel, John Eastwood was very game and had to be restrained from leaping off. It was agreed it would have been a tragedy to spoil such athletic form with a leap of faith!  He ambled down the climb, completed with ease, followed by Phil.

Losing lots of altitude down the runners ridge the Snake Inn offered a welcome sight on an increasingly hot day. A welcome pit stop was taken in glorious sunshine and glorious company.

Phil to his credit knew the runners line up Gate Clough as he had been on it the day before. A southerly route was found across Kinder and down a very steep runners track and back to the Nags Head.

A great day, great weather and great company, vintage DPC.

*When someone is looking fine/fit you say are buff (for the over 35’s).