16th – 18th September:

Location – The Rucksack Hut at Beudy Mawr, Llanberis

The Hut was as ever found to be comfortable, well equipped and convenient for Snowdon.  With excellent weather, a good turnout and excellent food provided by the joint leaders a memorable meet was guaranteed. Many happy memories of previous meets at this hut, including impromptu, were recounted. Our southern members, Clowes, Goulden and Hood missed much of the Friday evening merriment having circumnavigated much of Wales to get there.

Given the excellent weather conditions Tryfan and Snowden were inevitable draws, the former scaled/scrambled by Clowes, Hood and Goulden and the latter by Johnson with remarkable ease despite his overtures of “this could be the last time”, Hughes and Stout. The final trio were embarrassed by Rick Shawcross jogging, having hardly broken sweat as they approached the summit after which he went on to complete the remainder of the Snowdon Round to be followed by his feat referred to below.

In their own words from the Peppits :-

 “On Saturday (once Mike recovered from beer poisoning caused by cloudy southern beer made from a Squirrel’s dirty bath water) Mike and Rob climbed on Clogwyn y Grochan in Llanberis Pass. The climbs were Phantom Rib (VS 4c **) and Nea (VS 4b**).

On Sunday Rob, Mike and Rick climbed at Castle Inn Quarry where Rick did a sterling job leading his first route! This was followed by a swift swim in the sea before heading home.”

In complete contrast, Benton and Skelton had a relaxing day doing the Tourist thing of traveling by public transport to Caernarvon and thence on to the Festiniogg Mountain Railway as far as  Rhyd-Ddu and returning by the same route. To be fair Skelly is awaiting a hip op and arrived back suitably refreshed in time to meet the President’s trio in Llanberis. On the Sunday they and the President continuing the tourist theme completed the round of the very impressive walls at Conwy.

In their usual form, Eastwood and Goodier having completed the climb to Igan with it’s spectacular views over Lake Ogwen on the Friday afternoon then successfully tackled the Pinnacle Ridge Route on Tryfan on the Saturday.  Eastwood and Goodier continue to astound us all with their age defying feats.

An excellent meal was provided for the Saturday comprising a coq-au-vin main course not to be spoilt by the President’s lack of custard making skills chickened out with bought ready-made custard to complement the apple crumble which, together with an adequacy of alcohol, rounded off an excellent Meet.