21st August:

Faced with the formidable task of restoring the hut to working order after the radical removal of the existing bunkroom floor and it’s replacement to comply with Health & Safety, the ever dependable team of Barnes, Brown (Rod minus Sainsbury)  Chatburn, Clowes (in full chef de decorateur’s uniform), Cotton, Eastwood, Goodier, Harris, Johnson Senior, Peppits Senior Rob and Mike,  and Rob and Stout buckled down to the task.

Whilst most of the team were engaged in carrying out a complete redecoration of the newly reformed bunkroom, bathroom, stairs, living area and kitchen, the tree felling duo of Eastwood and Goodier reduced a disorderly pile of assorted timber into a respectable supply of wood for the stove to see us through winter.  They even had time to prune our ash tree much to the delight of the neighbours whose sunlight had been seriously diminished by it’s ever increasing size.

The DIY skills of the Peppits and Chatburn were put to the test in the reforming of the bunks that had been taken apart to enable the new floor to be constructed.  The rebuilding process took much longer than the taking of it apart as did the decorating of the newly formed ceiling in the living area. This meant that the cleaning, rebuilding and painting process were unfortunately incomplete when at 6.00 pm after hardly a moment’s break, we all retired to the Moon for Tea.  Johnson in his inimitable fashion managed to get the wrong side of Joy the delightful new manageress of the Moon, but notwithstanding this and the undoubtedly slow service about which he had with some justification complained, a good meal was enjoyed by all.