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September 24th - 26th

A changeable three days, the best being the day of arrival and even better on the day of departure. Sod’s Law!

After the two leaders and others arrived circa 3pm Thursday afternoon a short walk down to Bosigran was required to clear the heads, by which time Syd and Lionel had arrived – but where was John Eastwood?

The evening was spent trying to find a pub to eat - the brightly coloured place at Treen and the Tinners at Zennen rejecting the lead party of The Last of the Summer Wine, but Geoff, Syd and David had their secret weapon - smooth talking Lionel, and consequently tucked into a good meal in the Tinners, whilst the others went for a lonely fish and chips in Penzance.

Back at the hut, a message came through via Rob back home that Martin (who was cycling from Penzance and had missed his train) was going to be very late and could we leave the door undone and save him some soup. It was decided that, as the Climbers Club quite rightly had their rules and as the door must be kept locked at night, the soup would be left outside for Martin. As it turned out, his face appeared through the window earlier than expected, and before the soup was stashed.

Friday was a day of squally showers, although improving in the afternoon. The group split into two. The Tony C group headed west along the coastal path to Pendeen Light, then cut back inland and explored one or two tors, tin mines and burial chambers, whilst the other party headed east along the coastal path to Zennor Head, and then a beer in the Tinners, before heading inland and also exploring one or two tors, tin mines and burial chambers. Geoff returned back along the coast at his own pace.

Saturday was better but cool, so Syd, Geoff and David headed off down to Bosigran and climbed Alison Rib and then the more adventurous Black Slab. Then back to the hut for lunch and tea and the walkers back from their ramble along Sennen beach, with Richard clutching his parking ticket! In the afternoon, the three climbers plus Lionel walked to Pendeen Light. Geoff returned back along the coast, whilst the others continued on and then back, both getting wet from a never ending squally shower which appeared from the direction of America. Axel and co went exploring for Ding Dong Mine inland from Bosigran. Martin spent the day cycling on his Brompton, talking to himself.

Sunday was beautiful, with a capital B. Everybody went home, except for David and Geoff who went to Sennen and parked in a special place away from wardens, and walked to Lands End for coffee. The return journey was marred by the closure of the M5, but one could only sympathise with the poor devils that caused it.