19th February:

Route – We left the hut promptly at 9:15 the route took us through Stoney Middleton passed the Baths and thence up the track leading to the Grindleford – Eyam road and then upwards towards the woodland formerly owned by Derek and Angela G at Top Riley. We then entered Stoke Wood at which point we lost Crowson and Peppit (G) although we only discovered this well through the wood and despite trying to make mobile contact lost them completely.

As we were about to exit the wood we made a short detour to inspect Fair Flora before we descended the Magclough valley, across the steam and upwards towards Grindleford reaching the Village at the Sir William from which we descended to the bridge at Grindleford where we met Jane Crowson and had to admit that we’d lost her husband, she didn’t seem overly distraught at receiving this news.

We headed towards Padley via the riverbank walk and reached Padley Chapel before ascending into Padley Gorge to Longshaw where we passed through the Park and headed for White Edge which we traversed and then descended to the Baslow – Owler Bar road which we crossed before ascending towards Gardoms.

It was there that we encountered Crowther and Johnson who were on a shorter round walk from Curbar Gap via the Robin Hood where, they informed us, the missing Crowson and Peppit (G) had been waiting for us “for ages”. Stung by this criticism we made our way to the pub where we were re-united and had time for a pint with them before heading back via Chatsworth Park, Baslow, the riverside walk to Calver and thence back to the hut arriving timely at 5 pm.

Our technological President then reprimanded our Meet Co-ordinator that he must improve on his Meet distances, the promised 12 miler had turned into a 16.7 mile marathon which none the less we had all enjoyed, particularly Susie (Pierce’s aforementioned companion) who must have done twice that distance.

We then enjoyed beer, wine and an excellent meal having been joined by the Cavers and George S and Hugh who happened to pop in just in time for Tea.