15th October

Leaders: Hugh Cotton (main leader) & Jim Conlon (deputy leader)

Walkers: Hugh Cotton (casual), Jim Conlon, P Crowson (rebel leader) & guest Adrian; G Peppit (individual leader) & guest David Armin; A Chatburn, M Johnson, J Eastwood,; L Stout, J Hood; R Brown (all various sub leaders).

Cavers: Saturday: Rob & Mike Peppit. Sunday: Rob & Mike Peppit, S Glasius, Ed Sampson, Matt (guest).

Tea: M Pierce, G Sampson, B Benton, B Griffiths. Derek Grayson came out for a chat.

The walkers assembled at Grindleford Station as instructed by the Main Leader and escorted to the platform by him and then the responsibility handed over to the Deputy Leader with hints that he (the DL) didn’t really know where he was going, and then he left.

On leaving the train at Bamford, the smiling face of Axel was seen, and then the scowling face of Mike Johnson, searching for the Main Leader, who had promised to walk with him. The Deputy Leader took his responsibility seriously and led the party in the direction of Bamford Edge, by which time a coup for Leadership responsibility was taking place as Mad Crowson was exhibiting signs of “I know where I’m going – trust me!” Thoughts of the potential slog across Bamford Moor and adjoining bog, and thus rebelling against the Leadership coup (knowing what the Rebel Leader was like at Leadership) made Peppit senior decide on a short cut via High Neb and then supposedly to meet up with them later at Stanage End.

As it turned out the Overall Leadership went to pieces on Bamford Edge with the Rebel Leader and his guest baling out and dropping down to Hathersage, whilst the remainder was now divided into various groups guided by Sub Leaders. Peppit meanwhile, at Stanage End, saw no sign of the expected party so Led himself along Stanage, Burbage, Padley Gorge and to the safety of his car. Meanwhile, the Main Leader was searching the countryside for Mike, but gave up at Crow Chin, (where he and Peppit must have been in close proximity to each other), and continued to the hut to cook a very good dinner. Mike meanwhile, who was expecting a short ramble with the Main Leader, ended up being Led along the complete walk, albeit catching a bus from the Fox House leaving the residue of the Sub Parties merrily supping their ales, and then staggering down to the Station.

Consequently, all Sub Parties, Rebels and Individuals eventually reunited at the hut, except for the Deputy Leader, who it was rumoured, had Fatherly Leadership roles to perform, but some thought he might still be Leading an imaginary party over Bamford Moor! But, all had a great time.