20/08/17 - Under the direction of the Meet Leaders Richard H (President) and Lionel (Hut Warden) the seasoned team of Barnes, Brown (Rod), Chatburnin, Crowther, Eastwood, Griffiths, Goodier, Johnson and March-Shawcross set to the task of the annual hut maintenance and repair Meet.

They chopped, chain sawed, dusted, hoovered, mopped, mowed, painted, replenished, scoured, scrubbed, screwed (new coat hooks), tested the safety systems, tidied the Hut which is fit for purpose for yet another year in the Club’s annals. The wood store created by the choppers and sawyers should see us through another year.

The club owes a big thanks to all of them for their efforts and also for the behind the scenes work performed in the year by the Peppits and the Sampsons for effecting the re-instatement of the bunks and storage shelving.

As additional to the President’s usual tasks an additional feature, one hopefully not to be performed too regularly, was the ceremonial burying of Micky Finch's ashes in the burial chamber prepared by Syd beneath the ash tree, a suitable memorial stone to be erected in due course.

An excellent tea provided by the Hut leaders rounded off a very satisfactory Meet.