6th - 8th April 2018

The above leaders were 3rd hand, the role changing in rapid succession. In the end Griff catered marvellously, with Lionel adding his little touches. The Peppits stopped off at Trowbarrow on the Friday afternoon, Mike & Rob completing two routes before  heading off to Coniston and the Black Bull, downing some ale and a pizza and coming across David before tackling the long drive up to the hut. The forecast was not brilliant, drizzle was imminent, so it was with some surprise to find the rain didn’t appear until late Saturday morning. Martin arrived late, having driven up from London, and the Shawcross trio even later arriving the wrong side of midnight. The Peppits, having stopped off at the Stoney hut for some ropes also picked up a store of logs. Tony was gleefully soon feeding the fire!

On Saturday, Martin went off for a mountain bike ride, sampling some wooded routes, pubs and tea places. Tony pottered about, presumably looking for more wood, whilst Griff took his role seriously and headed off to Booths for some more provisions, mainly beer. Richard, Lionel and Axel had a good day walking across to the Walna Scar Road and descending to Torver, returning by the lakeside path.

Geoff, Syd and David plus the Shawcross trio plodded up the Wetherlam ridge from the terrace houses where a gentle zig zag path wound up gradually. The rain started nearing the summit and continued on and off for the rest of the day, although the tops were clear. Then up onto Swirl How and a plod across to the Old Man to complete a classic horseshoe round. However not content with that, minus Geoff, they added Dow Crag before finishing the day over the Old Man, and a steep ‘at the end of the day’ descent.

Meanwhile, Rob, Mike, Sam & Matt, unable/unwilling to go climbing on Dow due to the dampness, decided on caving (or mining) and therefore had a late start. They finished the first through route in double quick time, but the second route ended up being wet and dangerous and anyway they couldn’t find the route, so wisely returned to arrive at 7 just as Griff was dishing out the dinner. Matt has promised an honest description. All in all, something was salvaged from an unpromising day.

Ironically, Sunday – the forecast promising day – after a 7am beautiful blue sky morning, soon deteriorated into dampness and low fog. Everybody deserted the Coppermines Valley to find the fog Cumbria wide and consequently most went home, except for the four cavers who headed south to Trowbarrow and some routes hopefully in the sun – but wasn’t, only completing one route before the dampness got to them and then headed for home, although Rob and Mike stopped at a gritstone quarry near Broadbottom for first time impressions.

By M Clowes: Firstly the full house. Well done to the Peppit’s and Shawcross for bringing some younger members and prospects.

The fantastic spirit of fun and adventure shared amongst all members and guests.

By Griff: I thought that the Meet Leader cooked a wicked meal as well, not to mention making a special trip to Windermere for additional supplies of beer! All in all an enjoyable meet, wish I’d taken my caving gear.