18th August 2019

The annual Hut Maintenance meet lead by Stout (Hut Warden) was attended by the usual “Dad’s Army” of Benton, Brown (Rod), Chatburn, Crowther (TC), Goodier, Griffiths, Johnson and  Peppit (Senior) whose average age is just shy of 80.  We were honoured by the arrival of Travis (Secretary) who joined us for tea. Eastwood sent his apologies who in the week preceding the meet had carried out some stone walling repairs. Crowther is to return to complete the oiling of his beloved bench.  It was heartening to see TC who checked our First Aid Kit which he found was all present and correct. Tony has sadly not enjoyed the best of health of late sadly and we wished him all the best.

Age was no bar to the enthusiasm of the squad who took up arms in the form of saws, screwdrivers, paint brushes, scrubbers and cleaning equipment, mop, brushes, spades, shovels, strimmer, hoover and weed killer Knapsack Sprayer leaving a tidy weed free garden.  A Hut looking like a new pin with an ample store of wood for the stove. Our resident carpenter (Chatburn) has given new life to the coal bunker by replacing the rotten cover with a smart new one and repairing the cutlery drawer which was in danger of becoming a health hazard

The Secretary’s visit was more than just to join us for tea but also to carry out an audit of the Health and Safety Report that has been so meticulously prepared by our former H&S Officer (Clowes). Minor issues apart he gave it the “All Clear”.  Emergency lighting, fire alarm, firefighting equipment, legionnaire check of shower heads and the fire escape were all checked and found to be shipshape and in Bristol fashion.

Over lunch Griffiths unveiled his master plan for attacking the inadequate shower/toilet facilities which was met with warm approval and our recommendation that it be put before the next meeting of the War Cabinet (the DPC Committee Meeting) with a recommendation that, money permitting, it be implemented as soon as possible.

As usual the club owes a big thanks to all who attended for their efforts and hard work

The Meet was rounded off with an excellent meal provided by the Hut Warden’s wife and concluded a very satisfactory day.