20th October 2019

Walkers assembled at Carlswark Cottage and proceeded by car to the little  carpark in Upperdale. We walked up the dale to Cressbrook Mill (long ago converted into flats) and into Water-cum-Jolly Dale. Here there were some signs that the river had recently encroached on the path, but it was easily passable, although pretty muddy in places. The weather got better as time went by, with some sun.At Litton Mill, the party had spread out a bit but we gathered together after crossing  the river on the footbridge to get to the former railway which we followed through Millers Dale Station to the abseiling bridge. Here we watched a young lady in pink pants descend.  We also descended - but not by abseil - to river level and followed the Wye upstream.   We passed the Wormhill Springs, regarding which Geoff remembered he had seen a reference that the DPC had had a dig there in 1936. He pointed out a tree which held an iron ring which the DPC had put.   I took a photo of our group. Then we proceeded over some rough and elevated track which many years ago caused distress to one DPC member, James Horsburgh.  "A bloody obstacle course".  The late Tony would have remembered.The stepping stones in the river were not under water and we carried on through the limestone gorge where Rod commented on certain geological aspects and the climbers in our group viewed, lovingly, I thought, the routes of past achievements.  We came to another footbridge and another photo stop. This time Syd produced the splendid picture with my camera.Having arrived at the foot of Great Rocks Dale, we crossed the river and went up the steep little dale opposite.   We stopped for lunch just below the A6 with a good view down into Great Rocks Dale.  A long train of red trucks went by.  Deutche Bahn? - we wondered.   We enjoyed our lunch - all except Geoff, perhaps.  He said he could not be comfortable sitting on the grass and chose to sit on a sign some way off from the rest of us.

During lunch the weather clouded and rain threatened. We took the path to Chelmorton and called at the Church for a pint. While we were there the rain started - not too heavy, fortunately. Suitably refreshed, we set off over the hill to Taddington and then took the lane across the A6 to the eastern end of Priestcliffe. Then through High Dale to Brushfield and over the top to Monsal Dale Station and back to the cars.A little under 13 miles by my reckoning from the OS map, but various telephones gave other figures. The most inflated 14.8 miles, then another at 14.4, not quite as wild, but later revised to 14.56.    I suppose inflation will always win. Back at the Hut for 5:30pm we were, a little later, provided with a good wholesome meal by Ed M-S.   Thanks Ed.